Friday, January 25, 2008

Respected Sir,

Ref : News Item on ETV Kannada on 14-01-2008 &

Times of India report 17th January 2008

The practice of throwing of thousands of baby goats and sheep from heights in Mayalapura , Yadavagiri Taluk, Gulbarga supposedly to appease the diety and the animals trampled upon by thousands of devotees gathered for the event of Makkar Sankranti – shown on ETV Kannada on 14-01-2008 was to say the least , the MOST SHOCKING AND PAINFUL VIEWING to myself and many peace-loving and compassionate citizens. The same was also reported in Times of India on 17-01-2008.

In a country which believes in the principles of ahimsa and non-violence – and also the birthplace of great souls and messengers of peace like Buddha, Mahavira and Mahatma Gandhi - it is horrifying that such cruel, inhumane and barbaric practices involving innocent, dumb and voiceless creatures are being conducted.

Section 11 (1) clause (l) of THE PREVENTION OF CRUELTY TO ANIMALS ACT, 1960 and Sections 429 and 429 Iindian Penal Code prohibit the killing or maiming of animals. The Karnataka Prevention of Animal Sacrifices Act, 1959 prohibit killing or sacrifice of animals in the name of religion. All the above provisions relate to cognisable offences.

Article 51 (A) (g) of the Indian Constitution calls upon all citizens to show compassion to all living creatures.

Despite stringent laws against killing or maiming of animals in the name of religion, the laws are being openly flouted and animals are being brutally killed and openly in front of the public, including young children of impressionable ages. There is blatant violation of the laws of the land sadly in the presence of authorities.

There is NO R ELIGIOUS SIGNIFICANCE to the so-called ritual practice. The same is what is popularly called " Mooda nambikegalu " , promotes cruelty and needs to abolished like bride-burning, female infanticide and sati . Hindu Religion promotes kindness and compassion to animals and believes in the philosophy that all animals including the smallest have souls. As a Hindu, I strongly condemn such barbaric and inhumane acts involving animals , in the name of religion or otherwise as the same is contrary to the ideals of Hindu religion.

I kindly appeal to you to intervene in the above matter and issue directions to the concerned authorities to

a) Initiate action against the offenders for the heinous crime committed in the name of religion.

b) To stop the above inhumane , cruel practice of baby goats brutally thrown and trampled and being subjected to enormous pain and injury , finally resulting in slow, agonising death.

c) To stop cruelty to baby goats in any form during festivals or otherwise.

Looking forward to your kind intervention in protecting the goats / sheep / other animals from senseless torture and cruelty.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Brindha Nandakumar,

Animal Rights Activist and

Advocate , Karnataka High Court